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Gardens and Corridors Exhibition at Southwick Community Centre

During December 2023 I am showing photographs of green spaces—taken between Brighton and Southwick—at Southwick Community Centre.

Green corridors are areas of land and vegetation that offer wildlife the opportunity to move between favourable habitats that would otherwise be separated by human activity. Linking habitats in this way can increase and protect biodiversity. 

When we nurture green spaces we nurture ourselves.

The Photographs  - A basement flat in the city centre; Lady’s bedstraw, growing in Benfield Valley; The Plum tree in a garden at dusk; Blackberries and thorns in Benfield Valley; The Brighton Greenway—a green corridor that occupies Brighton Railway Station’s former lower-goods-yard track bed; Southwick Railway Station—the land that lies along the side of the tracks forms a green corridor, ending as the line approaches Brighton Railway Station. 

vicky waters southwick community centre exhibition 2