Vicky Waters is a lens-based artist, exploring her emotional connection to gardens; addressing memory and cross-generational experiences. She has a particular interest in her city’s green spaces and edges.

The images she creates are often quiet and dream-like, featuring the landmarks that exist on a small, human scale.



'Benfield Valley'—Hangleton Library, Brighton & Hove, 2023

'Wellsbourne Community Garden'—Wellsbourne Healthcare CIC, Brighton & Hove, 2023

‘Three Memories’—part of the (re)structure group show, Newhaven, for Photo Fringe 2022

'Ace Heartbreaker, Drag King'—Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, 2020

'A Temporary Quiet'—digital gallery for Photo Fringe 2020

'Taking Care of Loved Ones'—Gallery Lock In, Brighton & Hove, 2018

'Ace Heartbreaker, Drag King'—Worthing Museum Open18, 2018