Taking Care of Loved Ones

Dog groomers and their clients

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The practice of dog grooming seems both functional and intimate. Owner and dog must be reassured. Some dogs are nervous and are calmed by continuous gentle communication. Younger ones need time to get accustomed to it all. Some groomers explore other treatments – pressure point massage for example, to relax dogs with behavioural problems.  Harnesses are used to keep restless dogs on the grooming table. Groomers are trained, and continue to learn a lot while they are on the job. Some groomers sing to their clients, and feed them treats. Groomers can be the first to notice any out of place lumps and bumps a dog may acquire, and can’t be squeamish. An owner might bring in a ‘thank you’ card or a gift for the salon owner’s dog, and feel they are part of a community.